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When a clever, feisty high school student gets transported into the fantasy world of her beloved Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game, she must slay her personal demons in order to save the world from mass destruction and return home. 


Feature Film


LGBTQ+ Coming-of-Age Fantasy/Adventure




Human Rogue

A clever, strong-willed mixed race (Black/Caucasian) honor student with a fiery spirit and a deep love for the table-top role-playing game Dungeons & Dragons (D&D). Despite her tough “alternative punk” exterior, Chloe loves deeply, from her two gay dads, to the friends she plays D&D with. In the game, she plays herself as a human rogue, taking the opportunity to feel like she's really there inside the game.

Having recently found a photograph of her birth mother—the only one she's ever seen or found—she begins a vigilant search for her. On top of that, Chloe's boyfriend Damian has been pressuring her into having sex despite clearly not being ready yet, all while finding herself confused about her feelings towards her best friend Adellica. The stress causes her to act out in a variety of different ways, from giving attitude to her loved ones (especially to her step dad Kevin), to rage-filled outbursts at school that ultimately leads her to being suspended. Ultimately, after a freak accident, she finds herselffor realin the world of her D&D game! There, she must conquer her personal demons in order to save the world from mass destruction and return home. It isn't until after the journey she wakes up in the hospital and realizes the entire adventure did not actually happen in real life, but rather happened in her subconscious. Grateful for the hard lessons she learns about vulnerability, choice, and appreciation, she also unexpectedly discovers her pansexuality.


Passionate and always trying to do what she feels is right, Chloe would do anything for those she loves.



Artsy with a heart of gold and a harsh inner critic, Adellica struggles with severe anxiety. As she tries to navigate auditioning for the school musical, she also tries to navigate her feelings for her best friend Chloe. Still in the closet, she utilizes her D&D character Horatio in their D&D game to better understand herself and her feelings towards Chloe, and maybe even flirt a little. A punster at heart, she (and Horatio) take every opportunity they can to make puns as they love to make people smile!



Adellica's Half-Elf Bard

Adellica's character in the D&D world, Horatio is an extremely charming, clever, and lively half-elf bard with a lute, a beautiful voice, and a heart of gold. Being a bard, Horatio loves to sing, especially if it's followed by a few pints of ale! He has strong feelings for Chloe, which are actually Adellica's reflected through the character. Bold, warm, and caring, underneath that confident exterior, he can find himself anxious at times—just like Adellica. 


(he/him  she/her)

A natural-born leader and wise beyond his years, Liam is always there to offer his unconditional support to his friends. In their D&D game, Liam plays Lady Avelyn, a fierce, noble Aasimar paladin trans woman. Little do his friends know, he, too, is a trans woman, however he has yet to admit it to himself, let alone transition. 


After playing Lady Avelyn in their D&D game, and feeling the same support from his friends that he gives to them, Liam comes to terms with his identity and slowly begins his transition into living as Emily and using she/her pronouns. Observant, poised, and a strong decision-maker, Emily would go to the ends of the earth to protect her loved ones.



Liam/Emily's Aasimar Paladin

Liam/Emily's character in the D&D world. Like Emily, Lady Avelyn is a natural-born leader and wise beyond her years. Little does the party know, Lady Avelyn is actually a trans woman, and wishes more than anything to find the courage to tell her friends and openly live her truth. Observant, poised, fierce, noble, and a strong decision-maker—just like Emily—Lady Avelyn would do anything to protect her loved ones.



Bubbly yet soft-spoken, Ashley finds herself tangled in with the esteemed dancers—i.e. the popular kids—at school. Being part of the high school dance team, she feels a tremendous amount of pressure to take part in the bullying they do, especially towards Chloe, even though Ashley secretly plays D&D with Chloe and the rest of the group every Wednesday night. Ashley also feels a tremendous amount of pressure to succeed as a dancer from her parents. In turn, dance has become a stressor for her rather than a pleasure, which ultimately leads her to quitting dance and focusing on what she truly wants to do in life: become a doctor.

In their D&D game, Ashley plays Thorina, a large, intimidating half-orc barbarian that is sweet as pie.



Ashley's Half-Orc Barbarian

Ashley's character in the D&D world. Despite her large and intimidating stature, Thorina—like Ashley—is bubbly, soft spoken, and sweet as pie. Also like Ashley, deep down, Thorina feels like a puppet, as she's constantly given commands as opposed to making decisions for herself. Even deeper down, she often wonders if people are using her or truly love her for who she is. Unlike Ashley, however, Thorina has a consistent "valley-girl" inflection in her voice and can break down a steel door with a mere swing of her axe!

Note: The top photos represent Thorina's physical stature, and the bottom photos represent her energy.



Gentle and full of optimism, Aiden works himself to the bone studying hard in order to get into medical school. Coming from a traditional Japanese household, his parents have very high expectations for him and his career. Through playing his character Oz in their D&D game, a well-read tiefling sorcerer who wants to contribute something meaningful to the world, Aiden realizes he doesn't want to be a doctor—however, like Oz, he doesn't really know what he wants to do instead. He knows he wants to help people, but so far, that's all he knows. When Ashley inspires him to keep searching for his purpose, they (finally) confess their feelings for each other and (finally) start dating. 



Aiden's Tiefling Sorcerer

Aiden's character in the D&D world. Despite his "surfer guy" voice and vibe, Oz is a well-read sorcerer with a life goal to contribute something meaningful to the world—especially something that means something to him too. However, he doesn't know what that is yet, making him feel insignificant in the world. Charismatic, a bit clumsy, and slightly obtuse at times, Oz's knowledge and sorcery often helps the party out of some sticky situations. 

Note: The first photo represents Oz's physical body, whereas the second photo represents his energy.



Slick with an attitude to match, Damian is the Dungeon Master of their D&D game. Being the one who controls all aspects of the game (except for the actions of the player characters), that need for control tends to come out when he really wants to have sex with Chloe but she's just not there yet. Having a tendency to manipulate other people to get what he wants, that tendency comes from a place of deep-seated insecurity and feeling unloved. 



Being the Dungeon Master, Damian does not have a character in the D&D world, however, when Chloe finds herself transported into the D&D game, she meets Drazar, a devilishly tantalizing half-elf wizard drow that mirrors Damian. Claiming to be the Lord of the Underdark, he uses a variety of manipulative tactics to get Chloe to be his Lady and spend the rest of her life with him. Persuasive and smooth-talking, Drazar will do whatever he must to get whatever he wants.



When Chloe finds herself transported into the D&D game, she also meets the elegant and radiant Queen Adorra, who just so happens to be her estranged birth mother that she's been desperately searching for! Queen Adorra gives Chloe and the party a quest to find a stolen relic, and if they succeed, Chloe will be given the opportunity to rule the kingdom alongside her mother. Like Drazar, Queen Adorra is persuasive and smooth-talking, and will do whatever she must for the good of her kingdom.