Hi! I'm Mandi. I'm a queer WGC-eligible screenwriter, award-winning director, script consultant, educator, Pochinko clown, and LGBTQ+ rights and mental health advocate.


Currently, I’m contracted to write an LGBTQ+ feature for a Canadian production company and worked as a script analyst at the 2022 Female Eye Film Festival. Additionally, my scripts have advanced in competitions such as the Austin Film Festival Screenwriting Competition, Final Draft Big Break, ScreenCraft, and the Sundance Development Track. I also facilitate my one-of-a-kind Writing Through Play intensive, inspired by my training in Pochinko clown and general tendency to make a fool of myself.

I’ve been told I have a knack for strong, natural dialog, well-developed characters, solid story structure, worldbuilding, collaboration, and groan-worthy puns. 


My mission as a screenwriter/director is to tell raw, authentic, inclusive stories in hopes of making the world a more inclusive, loving place.


Drama, comedy, dramedy, romance, fantasy (contemporary, magical girl, non-traditional, high fantasy), adventure, animation, and musicals. Additional interest in psychological thrillers and mystery.


Most of the screenplays I write/direct are LGBTQ+ and mental health stories with strong female characters and themes/subjects consisting of:

  • Love is love

  • Vulnerability is strength

  • Individual vs. self

  • Individual vs. society

  • Resisting oppression

  • Light vs. dark

  • Abandonment

  • Trauma & mental health

  • Family/chosen family

  • Self discovery

  • Personal growth

  • Finding self love

  • The beauty in simplicity

  • The power of hope



Pochinko clowning, acting (film, theatre, musical theatre, dinner theatre, jukebox musicals, Fringe theatre, improv, commercials, background, standing in, photo doubling), directing, bisexuality/pansexuality, polyamory/ethical non-monogamy, mental health, atheism, escape rooms, badminton, serving, thrifting, Dance Dance Revolution, Tommy Wiseau's The Room, growing up in the 90’s.







Feeling Unreal Logo - No Curtains - Mandi 3.jpg

Feeling Unreal (Feature Script)

Written by Mandi Maxwell

Indie Feature

LGBTQ+ Drama/Romance

A queer emerging theatre actress struggles with depersonalization disorder, a suicidal father, and a messy love life while playing the lead in a big-time stage play that could make or break her career. 


SHORTLISTED - Sundance Development Track - 2020 (1).png
SEMIFINALIST - ScreenCraft Screenwriting Fellowship - 2019 (1).png
SECOND ROUNDER - Austin Film Festival Screenwriting Competition - 2020.png
Metagame Logo with Mandi & Dylan.jpg

Metagame (Feature Script)

Written by Mandi Maxwell & Dylan Miles

Feature Film

LGBTQ+ YA Fantasy/Adventure

When a troubled teenage misfit gets transported into the fantasy world of her beloved tabletop role-playing game, she must slay her personal demons in order to return home to her loving friends and family. 


QUARTERFINALIST - Final Draft Big Break Screenwriting Contest - 2020.png
QUARTERFINALIST - ScreenCraft Sci-Fi  Fantasy Screenwriting Competition - 2022.png
The Art of Christmas Logo copy.jpg

The Art of Christmas (MOW Feature Script)

Written by Mandi Maxwell

Story by Mandi Maxwell & Luke Rackers


MOW (Movie of the Week)

LGBTQ+ Romance

When an overworked bisexual lawyer returns to her hometown for Christmas, she helps save her high school sweetheart's art business while unexpectedly falling in love, rekindling her love for painting, and finding the Christmas spirit.

Reverie Logo with Mandi 3 - THE ONE.jpg

Reverie (Short Film Script)

Written by Mandi Maxwell

Short Film

LGBTQ+ Drama/Romance


At the height of the pandemic, a depressed Canadian woman drifts into a blissful reverie where she's reunited with her American partner on the other side of a closed border.

In pre-production