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Script Coverage

On top of writing, acting, directing, producing, editing and coaching actors, I have many years of experience providing detailed, thought-provoking feedback on screenplays ranging from shorts and features, to web and TV series.


Using my extensive training and experience in storytelling, as well as my intuition for the craft, my notes offer screenwriters a fresh, modern perspective on their work consisting of a tactful blend of notes, praise, questions and suggestions. When it comes to giving coverage, my ultimate goal is to fill a writer with confidence, inspiration and enthusiasm for their next draft.


Additionally, on my spare time I give script feedback anonymously on coverflyX. As of October 2020, my feedback has a 4.5/5 rating:

Coverfly Feedback Score.png

That said, I would love to be a part of your scriptwriting journey! 



+12 pages of extensive written feedback for features, +10 pages for TV, or +6 pages for shorts, plus a 20 point grid rating various elements of your script such as premise, plot, storyline, worldbuilding, etc.


Formatting notes to ensure your script is as polished as possible--even when it comes to the professional screenplay format!


Help writing or tailoring your logline into a clear, concise summary that gets to the central conflict and heart of your story.


A 30 minute  1 on 1 private coaching session via Zoom to further discuss my notes, answer any questions, and coach you on your next steps, or 5 follow-up questions via email.!


"I can’t praise working with Mandi enough.  Not only did she dissect my script intellectually, but she completely immersed herself in the narrative and in the characters.  I trusted her insights and suggestions because she got to the heart of my story.


Her coverage was in-depth, communicated clearly in a supportive manner, and with passion.  I was inspired and motivated to write the next draft.   She opened my eyes to ways I could improve my story and writing skills, and ignited my imagination on how to fix what wasn’t working. I think the advantage of working with Mandi is that her instincts and insights are dictated not only by her work as a writer, but also as an actress and director.  I was beyond impressed and will definitely use her service again.


She truly has a gift."

Ana de Lara Headshotjpeg.jpeg

Ana de Lara





Adam Lane Sturkenboom

Sound Recordist/Screenwriter

"When I first got my script notes from Mandi, I was blown away by all the detail and effort she put into them. I received about four pages of clear and constructive notes from her, explaining why she enjoyed certain sections of my script, what sections could be written better, and suggestions on what I could do to fix those issues. Even when she was at her most critical, she never came across as mean spirited or hurtful, but rather as someone who cares about the  story and wants my script to be the best script it can be. Her love for scriptwriting and storytelling is infectious, literally jumping off each and every page of her feedback.


I would highly recommend her for any scriptwriter looking for concise, constructive, and creative feedback on their script. I feel more motivated than ever to make my script the best it can be! She did an amazing job with me and my script, I know she will do the same with yours!"


"Mandi helped me see all the holes that were covered by topsoil. Pointing out exactly the places that I felt were missing something but I couldn't quite see what. She has quite the knack for all the minimal details that are often overlooked in script writing. Not only is she able to give a great overall critique of how to move forward, she also constantly listed parts of the script that she enjoyed while reading it, as well as not assuming something was written a certain way without having something to back it up.


I would very much return for any feedback or script notes from Mandi, and I would gladly recommend her to any future friend looking for the help."


Holly Wyder



Justin Michael Carriere.jpeg

Justin Michael Carriere


“Mandi’s coverage was phenomenal. I was blown away by the detail in which she delved into my script. The notes were comprehensive and she touched on every element from story structure and character development to formatting and production potential. She provided an abundance of resources and further reading, as well as offering a virtual in-person consultation to dig into some of the bigger challenges I was facing with my story. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for feedback on their script!”


RACHEL: "Chris surprised me by having Mandi look at our sketch comedy script. When he told me he'd done so, my intestines immediately emerged from my body to strangle me. However, I was very pleasantly surprised by how tactfully Mandi was able to direct some necessary changes, and how skillfully she stroked my ego where my ego desperately needed stroking. I can't recommend Mandi enough. She got my intestines back up my ass almost painlessly, and now I can breathe again!"


CHRIS: "Mandi's analysis and recommendations of our sketch-series script helped us bridge the gap between absurd artists (us) and prospective buyers! Mandi's suggestions were backed up with countless examples and explanations, drawing from her obvious wealth of knowledge. Consulting Mandi will be the next step for every project of ours going forward!"

Rachel and Chris.jpg

Rachel Parry & Chris O'Bray


Irrelephant Films


Conor copy.jpg

Conor Forrest


Little Cat Productions

"Mandi gave me exactly what I was looking for regarding notes for my two short screenplays I sent her. She pointed out then positives and pinpointed the negatives along with giving me brainstorming advice to fix them in rewrites. One screenplay which I am seriously pursuing she has given me notes that have made me more confident in the story and more confident for the next rewrite regarding areas that need improving. I will most certainly be sending future screenplays I write and I strongly recommend her as she is extremely helpful :)"


"Mandi's script notes have been a catalyst for my screen writing. She gives constructive feedback, highlighting the moments done well, while also shining a light on areas to be improved. Mandi asks the right questions to build and grow a script, leading writers in the right direction to master their work. Mandi has a fantastic pair of eyes to help any writer on their script."


Jenna Schaefer



AF Bio pic 2.jpg

Aidan Ferris

Content Creator/Editor/Screenwriter

"I was looking for objective, well-informed feedback on my screenplay. I found Mandi through a referral and her coverage was invaluable. She gave me thoughtful notes and almost more importantly, tools to improve my writing overall. Unfortunately it's back to the drawing board but I'm so glad I made the investment."

If you'd like to work with me, or to learn more,

send me an inquiry! ✨

In your message, please include:

- Script type (Feature, short, TV/episodic)

- Page count

- Logline, if you have one!

Message sent! Thanks for getting in touch. I'll get back to you as soon as I can!

*Please note that any scripts containing disrespectful, derogatory or discriminating point of views against the LGBTQ+ community, people of colour, people with disabilities (physical, mental, etc.), women (including pregnant, impregnant or childfree), the elderly, or any group of people often discriminated against will not be covered.

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