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Hi! I'm Mandi. On top of my work as a screenwriter, I've been searching for additional virtual work that gives me the opportunity to help people and utilize the wide variety of skills I have from administration to creative design. After years of searching, I finally found it: virtual assistance!


During my 20 years in the film industry/performing arts, I accumulated a variety of skills from producing films and theatre shows, building, designing, and maintaining websites, designing graphics, editing film, music, photos, and audio, working as a marketing manager for a voiceover company, working in a box office as an office assistant, and starting a business that I’m in the process of building on top of screenwriting and looking for work as a VA. The skills I accumulated include:

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  • Marketing, branding, upselling, automations, and social media management experience

  • Experience running Facebook and Instagram ads

  • Customer service skills (phone, text, email, social media)

  • Experience scheduling appointments/meetings and making travel arrangements

  • Researching, Googling, and data entry skills

  • Event planning and co-ordination experience

  • Copywriting, proofreading, and content editing skills

  • Website design and management skills (desktop/mobile)

  • Graphic design skills (ads, posters, banners, logos, business cards, social media posts)

  • Filmmaking skills (producing, screenwriting, shooting, editing)

  • Photography skills (shooting, editing - DSLR, iPhone, Adobe Lightroom)

  • Audio and music editing skills

On top of that, I'm very tech savvyI can easily learn most programs/sites/apps and troubleshoot when necessary. 


I'm proficient with Mac/Windows computers, iPhones, and programs/sites/apps such as:

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And more including (but not limited to): Slack, Discord, Signal, Meetup, Poshmark, Audacity, and SoundCloud.

For apps/social media platforms: 

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Clubhouse, Reddit, WhatsApp, DeviantArt, and Pinterest. Can easily learn most apps and troubleshoot when necessary. 

Additional skills I posses:

  • Meticulous organizational skills, focus, and attention to detail

  • Strong time management, self management, and multitasking skills

  • Excellent communication and writing skills

  • Strong problem solving and critical thinking skills

  • Exceptional collaboration skills

  • Ability to follow directions and work independently or as a team, work well under pressure/time constraints, and ability to maintain a positive, professional energy at all times

  • Willingness to receive criticism and rejection of work and ideas

  • Outstanding punctuality, reliability, and dependability

  • Typing speed of 70 WPM

  • Flexible schedule

Resume available upon request

In order to provide top-tier administration and creative design assistance to your business, I possess:

A MacBook Pro

An iPhone 13 with 12GB of data

High-speed internet

A webcam

Microphones (Focusrite Scarlett 2i2, AirPods, and built-in)

A Nikon DSLR and lenses

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Adobe Creative Suite

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My rate for administration work is $25/hr, and my rate for any work requiring creative design is $45/hr.


Any work that supports someone else’s work falls under the administration rate.


Any work that requires me to create the work falls under the creative design rate.

Please note the rate will change depending on what kind of work I am required to do.

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