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current projects:

- Developing my blog!

- Little Tootsie, a comedically tragic Pochinko clown-based mini series


- The Divinities, a high concept fantasy/adventure feature film 

recently "completed" projects:

- Metagamea fantasy/adventure coming-of-age Dungeons & Dragons-inspired feature film

- Sweet Embrace, a short dramedy film

- Violet Sunset, a short historical fiction drama written for the NYC Midnight Screenwriting Challenge 2020

- Lost But Not Forgotten, a dramatic, bittersweet short film

- Annie & Pepper, a short stop-motion animation film shot for the Stuck at Home 48 Hour Film Project 2020

The Fardy Brothers, a short mockumentary written for the 48 Hour Film Project 2019


- Feeling Unreal, a dramatic independent feature film

past projects:

- Drink Up, a short dramatic film

- Good Grief, a short dramatic film

- Seeing Someone, a short romance film written for the 48 Hour Film Project 2018

- Feeling Unreal proof of concept

- Feeling Unreal, short of the feature

- #artistslife, a poem

- Our Beautiful World, a satirical short environmental film

- Kim's Convenience spec script

- Oakville Shrill, a comedic web series pilot

- Badass Bernie, a comedic web series

- You Asked, a short comedic film

- Timmy and the Land of the Lost Socks, a sock puppet show for all ages

- Lottie's War, a one-act play

- Ducky & Reg, an animated adult comedy series pilot

- Allie's First and Last Day, a monologue

- I Miss You, But I Shouldn't, And Don't, a song (lyrics/melody)

- Warrior Princess, a short story

- For the Love of Science, a short story

- Dear Stupid Brain, a short story

- The Suitcase Dilemma, a comedic clown turn

- New Beginning, a bittersweet clown turn

- Bridesmaids In Vegas, a dinner theatre parody script sample

- From Above, a short story

- The One...For Now, a short comedic film

- Roll for Initiative, a short comedic film

- Gone; An Ode to Pluto, a poem

- How I Met Your Momma, a three act dinner theatre parody

- Flaws In the Design, a short free verse poem

- Passing On, a sketch

- The Penetrator, a sketch

- Taunted, a 21 episode web series

- Assertive Reunion, a one-act play

- Confined, a poem

- Through Your Eyes, a feature dramedy

- Forest of Memory, a poem

- Finding Your Sunrise, a full-length dramatic play

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